CO₂-neutral delivery

Varemessen™s climate commitment is a proactive step towards reducing the environmental impact of e-commerce deliveries. Recognizing the CO₂ footprint associated with shipping, Varemessen™ has partnered with leading companies dedicated to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. This initiative not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, but also sets a commendable example of responsible business practices in the digital age.

Why it is beneficial

Reduces the CO₂ footprint: E-commerce deliveries contribute to CO₂ emissions, but by supporting CO₂ removal companies, Varemessen™ works actively to offset these emissions. This approach harmonizes with sustainability goals and contributes to reducing the company's overall CO₂ footprint.

Innovative solutions: By collaborating with innovative companies such as Heirloom, Remora and Charm, Varemessen contributes to the development and implementation of innovative technologies for CO₂ removal. These solutions offer alternatives to traditional, energy-intensive methods and demonstrate a commitment to environmental innovation.

Verified partnerships: Varemessen™s partnership with Carbon Direct ensures that the supported CO₂ removal companies undergo a thorough scientific assessment. This verification process increases transparency and credibility and gives confidence in the effectiveness of the initiatives.

Concrete results: The tangible results of Varemessen™s Climate Commitment are evident in the significant achievements highlighted, such as the removal of thousands of tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere and the provision of CO₂ neutral shipping for millions of orders. These measurable results underline the initiative's practical impact.

We support 3 CO₂ removal technologies

Varemessen™ supports companies such as Charm, Remora and Heirloom to deliver CO₂-neutral deliveries for several reasons.

First, these companies have developed advanced technologies and innovative methods of CO₂ removal, which enable efficient and reliable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By collaborating with these leading companies, Varemessen™ shows a commitment to invest in and support pioneering solutions that address climate challenges in an effective way.

Second, these companies focus on removing CO₂ directly from the source, either from truck tailpipes, using plant material, or by accelerating natural carbon mineralization processes. This means that they not only reduce CO₂ emissions, but also actively contribute to removing existing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Finally, these solutions are not only environmentally efficient, but also economically viable in the long term. By investing in CO₂-neutral delivery methods, Varemessen™ is preparing for future demands and expectations from both consumers and legislators, while demonstrating their commitment to taking responsibility for their climate impact.

Overall, the support for companies such as Charm, Remora and Heirloom enables Varemessen™ to offer CO₂-neutral deliveries by investing in reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions that reduce the company's climate footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Heirloom uses direct air capture technology to improve the carbon mineralization process. Unlike conventional methods that require energy-intensive fans, Heirloom's approach increases the speed at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also increases the efficiency of carbon removal.

This innovative approach to CO₂ capture allows Heirloom to remove CO₂ directly from the air using naturally occurring processes. By utilizing the natural composition of the air and the ability of minerals to absorb CO₂, Heirloom creates a more sustainable and efficient method of carbon removal. This technology does not require additional energy to create air currents, which makes it both economical and environmentally friendly.

By improving the carbon mineralization process, Heirloom not only addresses the challenges of CO₂ removal, but also contributes to the development of more efficient and sustainable solutions to combat climate change. Heirloom's technology represents a shift towards more sustainable methods of carbon removal that can have positive long-term effects on our planet and its future health.

Remora specializes in capturing CO₂ directly from the truck's exhaust pipe during transport. This innovative method collects the emissions at source and effectively reduces the transport's CO₂ footprint. By redirecting CO₂ for long-term storage, Remora contributes to overall efforts to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

Remora's approach to CO₂ capture involves advanced technology that is fitted directly to the trucks' exhaust pipes. This allows CO₂ emissions to be captured while the trucks are in operation, minimizing waste and optimizing the efficiency of the capture. The captured CO₂ is then transported to storage sites where it is safely stored to prevent further emissions into the atmosphere.

By focusing on reducing CO₂ emissions from the transport sector, Remora addresses one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. This effort has a direct and positive impact on climate change by reducing the amount of CO₂ released into the atmosphere from transport activities. In addition, Remora's technology contributes to the development of more sustainable transport solutions that can benefit both the environment and society as a whole.

Charm uses an innovative approach to CO₂ capture by utilizing plant material to capture carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere. By using plant materials that would otherwise be waste, Charm effectively transforms this waste into a stable, CO₂-rich liquid. This liquid is then safely stored underground, reducing the risk of environmental hazards such as forest fires and soil erosion.

The process begins with the collection of plant material, which is abundant and readily available from agricultural and forestry activities. This waste material, which could otherwise contribute to pollution or simply remain and decompose, is recycled by Charm for CO₂ capture. Through a series of chemical reactions, Charm converts the captured CO₂ into a liquid form, creating a valuable resource that can be safely stored underground.

Storing the CO₂-rich liquid underground serves two purposes. First, it removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. Second, it promotes sustainable waste management practices by recycling plant material and preventing it from contributing to environmental degradation.

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